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Meat Loaf 
1977 Bat Out of Hell Limited Edition T-Shirt Women 

Meat Loaf Licensed Merchandise
100% Cotton T-Shirt

Michael Lee Aday, better known as Meat Loaf, is a singer and occasional actor. He is noted for his powerful, wide-ranging voice and theatrical live shows. His Bat Out of Hell trilogy, Bat Out of Hell, Bat Out of Hell II: Back into Hell, and Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose, has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide. More than four decades after its release, the first album still sells an estimated 200,000 copies annually and stayed on the charts for over 9 years, making it one of the best-selling albums in history. MeatLoaf earned a Grammy Award for Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance for the song "I'd Do Anything for Love".

Meat Loaf T-Shirt Women

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