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PINK FLOYD 1973 The Dark Side of the Moon

Limited Edition T-Shirt Women   


Pink Floyd Licensed Merchandise 

100% Cotton T-Shirt 


The Dark Side of the Moon is the eighth studio album by Pink Floyd, released on March 1, 1973. Roger Waters wrote a series of songs about mundane, everyday details which aren't that impressive by themselves, but when given the sonic backdrop of Floyd's slow, atmospheric soundscapes and carefully placed sound effects, they achieve an emotional resonance. But what gives the album true power is the subtly textured music, which evolves from ponderous, neo-psychedelic art rock to jazz fusion and blues-rock before turning back to psychedelia. Pink Floyd may have better albums than Dark Side of the Moon, but no other record defines them quite as well as this one.

PINK FLOYD The Dark Side of the Moon T-Shirt Women

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