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Vertical Horizon
Everything You Want 1999 Limited Edition T-Shirt Women

Vertical Horizon band Licensed Merchandise
100% Cotton T-Shirt

Launched in 1991 as a folk-based acoustic duo, Vertical Horizon gradually molded itself into a slick pop rock outfit, culminating in the band's brief but significant heyday at the turn of the 21st century. The band is best known for its 1999 number one single "Everything You Want", and the hit singles "You're a God", and "Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)". The album, Go, was released in 2003 and solidified the band as a no-nonsense pop rock entity. The album's first single, "I'm Still Here," peaked at number 17 on the Adult Top 40. Burning the Days was released in 2009, and was the group's first release after a five-year hiatus. In 2018, Vertical Horizon released their latest album, The Lost Mile.

Vertical Horizon band T-Shirt Women

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