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Governors Ball 2024 Review

Governors Ball 2024 Review

The Governors Ball Music Festival 2024 took off bright and early on Friday, June 7, launching their second year at the new festival site at Flushing Meadows Park. By the time “New York’s biggest party” opened the gates at 11:45am, music fans had been lined up for hours in anticipation of Friday’s biggest names.

Day 1 - Friday, June 7, 2024

On the GovballNYC Main stage, School of Rock Queens delivered an energetic and diverse cover-filled performance with a setlist that included “Beat It”, “Voulez-Vous”, “I’m Not Okay”, and “Locked Out of Heaven”. The show featured a diverse cast of characters, including a unique tambourine player, and showcased a myriad of covers led by different female vocalists for each song. Following them up, Minnesota rock band Durry delivered a high-energy performance that captivated the audience from start to finish. Their gritty guitar riffs and powerful vocals resonated through the venue, creating an electric atmosphere.

Early on over at the GoPuff stage, fans were treated to Long Island locals Arcy Drive. They brought their unique blend of rocky indie beach vibes to the stage with a standout performance. Featuring a pioneering female drummer, the band infused their set with a laid-back yet energetic atmosphere. They captivated the audience with a mix of their signature sound and the debut of a mysterious new song from their upcoming album. Right after their set, Qveen Herby dazzled the audience with her striking look and vibrant sound, seamlessly blending hip-hop and pop elements. Her sharp lyrics and dynamic stage presence had the crowd hooked from the first beat. 

Following Qveen Herby, the atmosphere shifted once more as Yung Gravy took to the GoPuff stage, sporting a floral detailed suit that perfectly matched his new era. He delighted the crowd with “certified Gravy Classics” like “Betty (Get Money)” and “Welcome to Chili’s,” alongside fresh, unreleased tracks (including “Back On The Horse” and “Lone Ranger”) from his upcoming country-inspired album. During “Oops!!!,” he playfully switched the usual lyric “Tracy with the ass?” to “Tracy from Queens?” in a nod to Gov Ball’s enthusiastic audience, making the performance even more memorable.

Over at the IHG Stage, British pop girl group FLO delivered a performance reminiscent of The Cheetah Girls, complete with stunning vocal runs and harmonies that could go on for days. They brought their set to a triumphant close with their iconic track “Cardboard Box,” leaving the crowd buzzing for when Teezo Touchdown took over.

Back over on the GovBall NYC Stage, Ryan Beatty’s performance was a seamless blend of smooth modern rock and indie pop, showcasing his undeniable star potential. With a voice like silk, he captivated the audience, even using a theremin-like instrument to add a unique touch to his set. Sporting his signature headphones, he dedicated a song to his longtime fans, saying, “This one’s for the OGs, if you’ve lasted this long, bless you.” To quote the great Ryan Beatty himself: “We’re just getting started”.

As the day kept chugging along, the energy built throughout the festival grounds. Back on the GovBallNYC Main Stage, Dominic Fike rocks up with a performance full of memorable moments and musical highlights. He made his grand entrance with his sister Apple on his shoulders, marking his second Gov Ball appearance. Rocking cool shades and bleached eyebrows, Dominic declared, “NY I am inside you,” and complimented the city’s beauty, especially its women, which sent the crowd into a frenzy.

He reminisced about filming a music video in New York with Paul McCartney for “The Kiss of Venus” and kept the energy high with playful banter. He praised the crowd, saying, “this place rules, you guys are cool as hell,” before performing “Mona Lisa” from Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, humorously pointing out his brother in the crowd, telling people to “throw sh*t at him”.

Dominic’s voice shone through as he introduced new tracks from his EP 14 Minutes, including “coast2coast” and “misses.” He shared a vulnerable moment about creating “misses” during a low point, expressing gratitude to his fans for boosting his self-confidence: “Thank you for instilling some self-confidence in me.”

Brit-pop darling Mimi Webb brought her posh accent and her buttery smooth vocals to New York’s Gov Ball. We all know I’m keen on my pop girls, so hers was the first set I caught all weekend—and it was worth sticking around for. Between up-tempo bops fit for girls’ night and piano ballads tinged with soul-bearing vocals and diary-entry lyricism, Miss Mimi is definitely one to watch.

As the sun set and the energy peaked, Post Malone absolutely brought down the house with his  masterclass in blending classical elegance with modern rock energy. The set began with a captivating cello intro, featuring intricate strings that seamlessly transitioned into electrifying guitar shredding, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

As soon as the opening string chords resonated, festival-goers sprinted from all corners of the grounds to witness the spectacle. The moment Post walked up, the night sky exploded with fireworks and intense pyro, amplifying the crowd’s excitement and creating a visually stunning backdrop for his electrifying set, a fitting end to Day 1 of Governors Ball 2024.

Day 2 - Saturday, June 8, 2024

Governors Ball 2024 kicked off bright and early for Day 2 on Saturday, June 8, continuing the party from Day 1 at Flushing Meadows Park. Once the gate reopened to the masses, music fans ran to stake out their spots in anticipation of all the talent Saturday had to offer.

Following up, Quarters of Change, whose experimental alternative rock blended seamlessly with melodic hip hop, setting a high-energy tone for the day. Following them, Jessie Murph captivated the audience with her unique country pop sound, delivering heartfelt performances that resonated deeply with fans.

As the sun began to set on Day 2 of Governors Ball 2024, Hippo Campus took over the IHG Stage, bringing their indie pop folk sound to life. The Minnesota band delivered a series of hits including “Ride or Die,” “Everything at Once,” and “Bad Dream Baby.” Their witty banter, including comments like “your parents may not love you but Hippo Campus loves you,” endeared them to the crowd, creating a fun and lively atmosphere.

Over at the GoPuff Stage, Riovaz kept the momentum going with an engaging set, while Bakar’s performance stood out with his cover of “Dancing in the Moonlight,” and powerful renditions of “3 Nights” (a Dominic Fike cover), “Stop Selling Her Drugs,” and “Hell N Back.” His experimental indie rock sound had the crowd hooked from start to finish.

Doechii took the GoPuff Stage by storm with a fiery hip-hop/rap set, featuring viral hits like “Bitch I’m Nice,” “Crazy,” “What it Is,” and the song that put her on the map, “Yucky Blucky Fruitcake.” She also introduced the crowd to her unreleased track, “Sweat,” showcasing her versatility and leaving fans eager for more.

Sexyy Red continued the hip-hop/rap vibes, delivering a performance full of attitude and energy, while P1Harmony made history on the IHG Stage as the first Kpop boyband to ever perform at Gov Ball. Their electrifying set included songs like “Emergency,” “Everybody Clap,” “Heartbeat Drum,” “Killin’ It,” and “Back Down,” captivating a dedicated audience with their synchronized choreography and powerful vocals.

Carly Rae Jepsen brought a burst of energy to the GovBallNYC Stage, drawing fans from all corners of the festival grounds. Her performance of “Call Me Maybe” sparked a massive sing-along that echoed across the festival grounds, while a mix of older favorites like “I Really Like You” and newer hits like “The Loneliest Time” showcased her enduring appeal. Carly even ventured into the crowd, amplifying the excitement and connection with her fans.

Sabrina Carpenter drew one of the largest crowds of the day on this very same stage. Her performance featured a mix of hits like “Feather,” “Vicious,” and “Already Over,” complemented by talented backup dancers and heart-themed stage decor. Her heartfelt introduction to “Already Over” highlighted her appreciation for New York’s unique musical culture, stating, “New York is one of the best cities in the world to play music because you’ve figured music out in a way that hasn’t been studied by science yet.” This sentiment resonated deeply with the audience.

Sabrina’s set showcased a wide range of her musical repertoire, from heartfelt ballads to high-energy pop hits. Fans of all ages, from young teens to older adults, were enthralled by her performance. Before singing “Fast Times,” she urged the audience to “Throw your phones in the river, I want you to be present,” encouraging everyone to fully immerse themselves in the moment.

One of the most iconic moments however, came before “Because I Liked a Boy.” Sabrina asked the crowd to chant “I’m a slut” on the count of three, creating a powerful, unifying experience. She also teased her upcoming album, Short and Sweet, exciting fans with the promise of new music. The set concluded with a playful faux exit before her signature song “Nonsense.” The crowd eagerly awaited her return, and Sabrina delivered with a unique, city-specific ending that left the audience buzzing. 

The Killers closed out the night with a stellar rock performance. Celebrating 20 years of coming to New York, they delivered classics like “Jenny Was a Friend of Mine” and “Read My Mind.” A fan summed it up perfectly, saying, “this is some real ass rock and roll.” The night ended on a high note with “Mr. Brightside,” leaving everyone in awe of the surreal experience.

Day 3 - Sunday, June 8, 2024

The last day of Gov Ball was really for the girls, the gays, and the theys. We got to see the stunning Baby Queen and Elyanna, experience a Saint Levant performance, and see our pop queens Chappell Roan and Reneé Rapp. It was a magical day we will never forget!

First up on day three was the incredible Baby Queen! We’ve been following her career for a while and were so excited when we saw her name pop up on the Gov Ball lineup. Playing hits from her most recent album, Quarter Life Crisis, Baby Queen got the crowd at the gopuff stage pumped up for the rest of the day. ‘Quarter Life Crisis’ has been our anthem since the album released and we were so stoked to finally hear it live.

Elyanna was up next and we just knew we had to see her perform on the main stage. She is a Palestinian-Chilean who merges Arabic music with Latin rhythm and has created an Arab-pop sound that is gorgeous and captivating. We loved getting to experience Elyanna’s artistry and understand why she is taking the world by storm!

Saint Levant was up next on the gopuff stage and we were completely mesmerized by his performance. He is a multi-lingual Palestinian rapper and is incredibly talented. He recently released his album, DEIRA, that has one of our favorite songs, ‘5am in Paris’ on it. We left that crowd knowing that we would be keeping up with Saint Levant and praying that he would come to our city on a tour very soon!

Chappell Roan, aka queer Lady Liberty, came out onto the stage in the most theatrical way possible, in an apple. Very drag, very NYC, very Chappell Roan. Pulling in most of the Gov Ball attendees, Chappell put on the show of a lifetime. We just know she will be headlining a festival very very soon and whoever is the first to do it is a genius. Chappell is a true performer and a true pop girly. She is who we have dreamed would come to the music industry for years and we are so happy that Chappell is finally getting her flowers.

G Flip rocked the IHG Stage with their energetic performance. The highlight of the set was when Lauren Sanderson made a surprise appearance, joining G Flip on stage and sending the crowd into a frenzy. Their chemistry and stage presence created a memorable and electrifying atmosphere.

Reneé Rapp’s performance continued the Pride celebrations with a powerful and visually stunning set. Wearing a jersey with “culture” on the back, she opened with “Talk Too Much” and energized the crowd with pyrotechnics. She declared, “Happy Pride everyone! We’re so visible it’s sickening. We viz, we viz, we 4k.”

Rapp’s setlist included “Poison Poison,” “Bruises,” and “Pretty Girls,” during which she prompted the crowd, “If you’re a pretty girl, put your hands up!” She engaged warmly with fans, including a heartfelt interaction with a fan named Sam: “What’s your name, baby?” she asked. “Well, Sam, I need you to hear me when I say you’re one of the prettiest girls out here.”

Introducing her band members, Rapp quipped, “Seldom will I celebrate a man, but today I will.” She wrapped up her performance with “Tummy Hurts” and “In the Kitchen,” dedicating the latter to theater kids and describing it as her “theatrical ballad.” She closed her set with an exuberant shout-out: “Can I get a round of applause for lesbians?” and did a funky little dance, leaving the crowd with smiles and a sense of unity.

Peso Pluma brought his signature style to the GoPuff Stage, delivering a performance that resonated deeply with fans. His set was marked by powerful vocals and a commanding presence, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

SZA closed out the festival on the GovBallNYC Stage with a breathtaking performance. Her setlist included fan favorites such as “Low,” “Normal Girl,” “Kiss Me More,” “Snooze,” “Kill Bill,” and “The Weekend.” Each song showcased her incredible vocal range and emotional depth. The audience was mesmerized by her soulful renditions and the raw emotion she brought to each performance.

Day 3 of Governors Ball 2024 was a testament to the power of live music to bring people together, celebrating diversity, creativity, and the sheer joy of performance. Each artist brought their unique energy to the stage, leaving fans with memories to cherish until next year’s festival.

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