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The Alice Cooper Show 
Billion Dollar Babies USA Tour 1973 
Limited Edition Vintage T-Shirt Women 

Alice Cooper Licensed Merchandise 
100% Cotton T-Shirt 

The Billion Dollar Babies tour was the mother of all tours. The stage was excessive, the violence perpetrated by Alice Cooper was excessive, and the show was sexually excessive. It was all about excess, and there hasn't been a tour like it since. Baby dolls were put to death at the sword wielding hands of Alice. Alice simulated oral sex with manikins, even captured his own spittle which had travelled down between the breasts of a silver manikin body. Cleaned the dancing teeth in particularly erotic fashion after being drilled by a mad dentist, The Amazing Randy. And finally, beheaded on a guillotine only to return to the stage so he and the band could beat the crap out of a Nixon impersonator. What more could you want, seriously? 

Alice Cooper T-Shirt Women

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