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Diaura 2019 Definition T-Shirt Women 

Diaura Licensed Merchandise
100% Cotton T-Shirt
Diaura is a Japanese visual kei rock band, formed in 2010 by yo-ka, Kei, Yuu, and later recruited Shoya. Their extravagant kote-kei looks and raw, metallic, yet accessible sound made them one of the most exciting indies bands. Diaura released their 1st full studio album Genesis in 2012 and their 2nd full studio album Focus in 2013. Definition is the 4th mini album by Diaura, released on 13 February, 2019. Definition discusses the existence of humanity, what humanity is, and thus was released in 2 versions, with 2 different covers: one with the theme "organic" and the other being "mechanic". Type A features a human being on the cover being eroded by technology, while Type B depicts an AI robot. The two types begin with two different songs, "ivy" and "Phantom", respectively, which discuss the "illusion of humanity" from different perspectives.

Diaura T-Shirt Women

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