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Johnny Cash at San Quentin 1969 Limited Edition T-Shirt Men 

Johnny Cash Licensed Merchandise
100% Cotton T-Shirt
Johnny Cash didn't sound like Nashville, nor did he sound like honky tonk or rock & roll. He created his own subgenre, falling halfway between the blunt emotional honesty of folk, the rebelliousness of rock & roll, and the world-weariness of country. He traditionally began his concerts by simply introducing himself, "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash", followed by "Folsom Prison Blues", one of his signature songs and his other signature songs "I Walk the Line", "Ring of Fire", "Get Rhythm", and "Man in Black". Johnny Cash at San Quentin, a nominal sequel to At Folsom Prison, surpasses its predecessor and captures Cash at his rawest and wildest. Part of this is due to how he feeds off of his captive audience, playing to the prisoners and seeming like one of them, but it's also due to the shifting dynamic within the band.

Johnny Cash T-Shirt Men

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