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Operation Ivy
1992 Plea for Peace Limited Edition T-Shirt Men 

Operation Ivy band Licensed Merchandise
100% Cotton T-Shirt
One of the first bands to fuse revivalist ska with the energy and aggression of post-hardcore punk rock, Operation Ivy were also one of the few ska-punk bands to earn critical acclaim. Part of the reason was that they were one of the genre's innovators, possessed of a freshness that many of their imitators lacked, but their lyrics were often more intelligent and substantive as well. Although Operation Ivy released only one studio album, Energy and had little mainstream success during its career, the band maintained a large underground cult following and influenced numerous bands. Plea for Peace is the final EP by Operation Ivy. It was released in February 1992, three years after they disbanded, and contained 4 songs not featured on any of Operation Ivy's studio releases.

Operation Ivy T-Shirt Men

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