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1987 Brain Dead Limited Edition T-Shirt Men 
Those Now Eating Will Soon Be Eaten

Plasmatics band / Wendy O. Williams Licensed Merchandise
Cotton T-Shirt

During the group's heyday, a Plasmatics show could include anything from lead singer Wendy O. Williams covered in shaving cream and electrical tape while brandishing a chain saw as Richie Stotts attacked his guitar in drag. Plenty of punk bands of the time courted controversy, but the Plasmatics took it a step further. Maggots: The Record is the fourth studio album by the Plasmatics, with six apocalyptic songs embellishing the plot and displaying Wendy O. Williams' distinctive machine-gun caterwauling. "You're a Zombie," "The Day of the Humans Gone," "Brain Dead," and "Finale" are surprisingly decent '80s punk metal anthems.

Plasmatics T-Shirt Men

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