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The Cardigans

1998 My Favourite Game Limited Edition T-Shirt Women 
(Please, drive safely)

The Cardigans band Licensed Merchandise
100% Cotton T-Shirt

The Cardigans are an alternative rock band formed in Jönköping, Sweden, in 1992. "My Favourite Game" was written by Peter Svensson and Nina Persson for the 1998 album Gran Turismo. The accompanying music video features Nina Persson joydriving on a desert road in the Mojave Desert. At one point in the video, she throws the Felix the Cat stuffed toy out of the car which was then run over by another car. The video caused controversy due to its imagery of car crashes and reckless driving, and resulted it being recut to tone down the violence and appear on music channels.

The Cardigans T-Shirt Women

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