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The Smiths
Meat Is Murder 1985 Limited Edition T-Shirt Men 

The Smiths band Licensed Merchandise
100% Cotton T-Shirt

The Smiths were the definitive British indie rock band of the '80s, marking the end of synth-driven new wave and the beginning of the guitar rock that dominated English rock into the '90s. Sonically, the group was indebted to the British Invasion, crafting ringing, melodic three-minute pop singles. But their scope was far broader than that of a revivalist band. The group's core members, vocalist Morrissey and guitarist Johnny Marr, were obsessive rock fans inspired by the DIY ethics of punk, but they also had a fondness for girl groups, pop, and rockabilly. Meat Is Murder is the 2nd studio album by the Smiths, released in 1985. It became the band's only studio album to reach #1 on the UK Albums Chart, and stayed there for 13 weeks.

The Smiths T-Shirt Men

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