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Yo La Tengo
YLT band Limited Edition T-Shirt Men 

Yo La Tengo band Licensed Merchandise
100% Cotton T-Shirt

The Hoboken, New Jersey-based group, Yo La Tengo, have explored the extremes of feedback-driven noise rock and sweetly melodic pop, shading their work with equal parts scholarly composure and fannish enthusiasm. 1987's New Wave Hot Dogs and 1989's President Yo La Tengo documented the band finding their sound, 1990's Fakebook was a semi-acoustic celebration of some of their favorite tunes, 1993's Painful was their first fully formed masterpiece, 1997's I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One is eclectic, confident, and arguably their best album, and 2013's Fade saw them exploring a new sonic territory.

Yo La Tengo T-Shirt Men

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