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Coachella 2024 Weekend Two Recap

Coachella 2024 Weekend Two Recap

Here we go again. Coachella weekend two kicked off for another dusty weekend in the California desert. The second weekend is naturally quieter than the first, clearing away some of the influencers and celebrities to give more space for music fans to enjoy themselves. But still, the stars are out on stage.

Coachella is a strange phenomenon as the two-week-long festival sees the exact same lineup performing again. That means that the moments that were special and exciting last weekend, often get a less receptive round two. Especially with major acts, it’s unlikely that their live shows will have changed dramatically in the last week, meaning that their stage set-up, setlist and performance are often a carbon copy of what came before.

Perhaps as weekend one is the natural destination for the influencers to go and get their photos or for the celebrities to head down to the festival in their droves, weekend two is the one for music fans to enjoy themselves and see some great live music.

On the main stage, Lana Del Rey’s headline set was a triumph once again. The motorbike gang entrance she debuted last week was back, and the same seamless live show she’s been touring worldwide got another well-received outing. There was a sweet moment in her set where she shouted out her backing band, stating, “We’ve been playing together for 13 years.” 

Weekend Two - Day 1 - Friday, April 19, 2024

The 2024 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival may have started out rocky with its slow-selling tickets upon dropping its initial lineup including headliners Lana Del Rey, Tyler, the Creator and Doja Cat. However, weekend one proved to be a massive hit with special guests such as Olivia Rodrigo during No Doubt’s reunion and Sky Ferreira opening for Kevin Abstract, an endless sampler of unforgettable sets from Bleachers to Tinashe as well as the introduction of the newest stage in the desert, Quasar. 

The Japanese House 

With technical difficulties during weekend one, The Japanese House needed a redeeming set during weekend two, and that is exactly what they got. The Amber Bain-led indie rock group began the day with an incredibly dreamy set to open the festival. Starting the set was the upbeat and extremely catchy, “Sad to Breathe” from their 2023 album, In the End It Always Does. Amber’s vocals are heavily dipped in a bit of reverb, the guitar tones are slick and the drums punch straight to the heart. The songwriting is utterly heartbreaking, making this the perfect set to dance around and cry your eyes out to. 

Norah Jones makes a surprise appearance

Barry Keogan returned to the desert to support his popstar girlfriend, Sabrina Carpenter. Her performance last weekend was a clear standout with a huge crowd there, and the Irish actor was spotted amongst them filming the singer and cheering her on.

Another noteworthy moment came from Carpenters set again. When she performed at 6pm on the mainstage, it was perfectly timed for golden hour. As the sun began to set above her stage, she paused her bubblegum pop setlist for a moment of calm.

Norah Jones made a surprise appearance and joined her on stage. The two sang Jones’ 2002 track ‘Don’t Know Why’ for a moment of gentle, balladic peace before Carpenter then burst back to energetic life for her new song ‘Espresso’.


The French pop band, L’Impératrice, brought plenty of grooves and moves to the Outdoor Theatre on Friday afternoon in the desert. Wearing futuristic looking matching outfits, the band played some of the smoothest tunes to move your hips to with funky basslines and warbly synths. Even if you don’t know French, their music scratches the dance itch so easily. With tracks like “Peur des filles” and “Matahari,” L’Impératrice managed to create both a nostalgic-inducing yet futuristic dance party under the Coachella sun. 

Chappell Roan

One of the most anticipated sets of the weekend belonged to pop artist, Chappell Roan. With her incredible breakout record from last year, The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess, Chappell Roan has been turning heads with her incredibly bold, and sugary-sweet pop music. Not only does she have infectiously catchy tunes, her lyrics are deeply honest, relatable and tug on heartstrings in unexpected ways. And it is evident that her music has struck a chord with so many people seeing all of the fans oozing out of the Gobi tent with their glittery makeup and pink cowboy hats. Looking out into the crowd, Chappell has the power to attract all walks of life from different cultures, ages, and sexualities all looking to have a rootin’-tootin’ good time letting their hair loose. 

Chappell’s set proved to be an impressive feat and demonstrated that she is more than just a TikTok artist. Her youthful energy and connection to the crowd showed that she is already worthy of a main stage slot, even with being so fresh into her music career. She came out on stage dressed in a pink butterfly costume, dancing around as the wings flapped to and fro. Her backing band was very tight and added plenty of umph to the already spunky tunes, especially during her newest release, “Good Luck, Babe!” Tracks like “Casual” and “Red Wine Supernova” highlight her powerful vocals, and songs like “Femininomenon” and “HOT TO GO!” showed that fun pop music is alive and thriving with artists such as Chappell carrying the torch. 

Peso Pluma energizes Coachella

Sensation Peso Pluma captivated the audience with electrifying performances featuring global music stars Anitta and Eslabon Armado. The Friday night show saw a blend of high-energy renditions of hits like “Bellakeo” and “Ella Baila Sola,” adding a vibrant layer to the festival’s already dynamic lineup.

Peso Pluma’s 9 p.m. show on Friday introduced fresh talents, with Jasiel Nuñez and Ryan Castro making their marks early in the slot, signaling a fresh twist to the initial weekend’s performances. The night continued to unfold with Peso’s solo performance of “Qlona,” originally a duet with Karol G, and a compelling rendition of “Humo” alongside Chencho Corleone, who joined him on stage to deliver an impactful performance.

Highlighting the evening were Pedro Tovar from Eslabon Armado, who teamed up with Peso for the Billboard hit “Ella Baila Sola,” and Anitta, who brought the house down with “Bellakeo.” Anitta, who made her Coachella debut in 2022, is riding high on her musical career with her upcoming album, “Funk Generation,” set to release on April 26, following the successful “Versions of Me.”

Rüfüs Du Sol

At the brand new set of the Coachella festival, Quasar, the electronic duo from Sydney, Rüfüs Du Sol, performed a long-form DJ set with gigantic visuals flying across the background feeling like a set one would see at Electric Daisy Carnival. This Rüfüs set was a nonstop dance party that pulled in a huge crowd ready to dance until the sun went down. While experiencing this stage in person, one can easily get lost in the trippy visuals feeling like they’re flying in the sky along with the pulsating, mind-melting music blasting through the speakers. 

Lil Uzi Vert 

Back at the main stage, Lil Uzi Vert performed. “Just Wanna Rock”  galvanized Coachella Valley. Even the lesser known songs included on the set were still enigmatic, undoubtedly entertaining the crowd. One doesn’t have to know all of Uzi’s songs to be able to dance to them, they each have a distinct energy about them which make them irresistible. On screen, two index fingers almost touch each other, which was emblematic of Judeo-Christian imagery.

Red flames flaring from the set upheld Uzi’s dark-angelic-vibe. Their set was deeply evocative. Quite a few in the crowd began breaking into Uzi’s popular TikTok dance, smiling smugly in acknowledgement before closing out. The crowd was loving every second of Uzi’s high energy, nonstop bangers including “XO TOUR Llif3,” “Just Wanna Rock” and “Neon Guts.” With their cutesy charisma, Uzi shared that they “love Coachella” as they were beaming from cheek to cheek and their eyes sparkling from the stage lights.


The J-pop duo Yoasobi consisting of vocalist, Vocaloid and producer, Ayase and singer-songwriter Lilas Ikuta, performed a colorful and incredibly fun set at the Mojave stage. The duo touched on a variety of genres from hyperpop and rock, but through and through, their set was a blast and felt like playing an intense game of Dance Dance Revolution. Vocaloid channeled her adorable and bubbly personality while the backing band turned up every song to the max with slick guitars and booming drums. Overall, Yoasobi was extremely wholesome and after every song, Vocaloid said, “Arigatō!” 

Lana Del Rey brings out Camilla Cabello

Weekend one’s crowds were treated to a duet with Billie Eilish, meaning that the second round of Lana Del Rey’s headline set was busy with rumours. There were whisperings that Taylor Swift might make an appearance or Father John Misty might emerge to perform ‘Let The Light In’. So when Camilla Cabello was given the stage to perform her new hyperpop track ‘I Luv It’, the reaction was a little confused, with people taking to social media to share shock at the random feature choice.

Elsewhere in her set, Del Rey’s guests made a lot more sense. Jon Batiste came out to perform an extended version of ‘Candy Necklaces’ as a centre point to the set. Jack Antonoff acted as her accompanist again on ‘Hope Is A Dangerous Thing for a Woman like Me to Have – but I Have It’. As she then drove off on her motorbike into the night after a length 19-track setlist, the crowd roared with applause, but the lack of a big star guest for weekend two felt a little disappointing.

Weekend Two - Day 2 - Saturday, April 20, 2024

For day two of weekend two, the same stellar lineup returned for a second go around. No Doubt, Tyler The Creator, Jungle and Ice Spice were the big acts of the day. However, the day has been coloured by redemption. After flopping or failing last weekend, Blur and Grimes were on a mission to make up for weak weekend one set.

Young Fathers

Young Fathers, a Scottish group, presented focused percussionists and four singers that harmonized without blending their voices like choirs do. The band maintained a lot of synergy with the only femme presenting performer on stage, so much so, that one would think that the band is made up of more than three masculine presenting figures.

The Aquabats

The biggest line to get into the Sonora tent was forming as The Aquabats! set was about to start. Once inside, the band from Huntington Beach put on an explosively fun and absurd set that everyone of all ages enjoyed. Easily recognizable from their bright, matching outfits, The Aquabats are a colorful, silly band that make wholesome and wacky songs that both adults and kids can enjoy. During weekend one, the characters of the children’s show, Yo Gabba Gabba popped up on stage to dance around during their set, and they came back again to throw another lively pool party. It’s so easy to walk out of an Aquabats show and be filled with childlike wonder after listening to in-your-face ska music about sharks, zombies, and pizza. 

The Last Dinner Party

At the Gobi tent providing an incredibly bold and dynamic set was the indie rock group, The Last Dinner Party. From London, United Kingdon, The Last Dinner Party are known for their ambitious, borderline opera inspired indie music mixed with infectiously catchy choruses and glossy guitars. With an impressive debut record under their belt, Prelude to Ecstasy, this Coachella performance was the perfect opportunity to see what the band can do. And they did not disappoint.

The Last Dinner Party had a solid set providing a fuller sound from the crunchy guitars, face-melting bass, and punchy drums. The band had plenty of energy on stage, and the crowd reciprocated that energy right back. The vocals were especially chilling and spine tingling with tracks like “Portrait of a Dead Girl” and “My Lady of Mercy.” They ended the set with the single “Nothing Matters” and had the entire Gobi tent grooving.

Raye celebrates 4/20

As weekend two, day two, fell on the well-known date of 4/20, Raye was feeling festive. As her second on the Mojave stage got underway at 4:10pm, she timed her set list to perfection. Right as the clock hit 4:20pm, she started up her track, ‘Mary Jane’.

The entirety of Raye’s set proved to be a highlight, with a bustling, busy crowd packing out the tent. As she performed hits like ‘Escapism’ and ‘Prada’, she wasn’t shy about proving the skill and versatility in her voice, performing some incredible vocal acrobatics.

Grimes’ redemption arc

During weekend one, Grimes had a rough DJ set due some technical difficulties that caused her tracks to play faster than expected. She had a rough time trying to figure out the logistics and mixing the songs together, so the entire set was a mess. Thankfully she redeemed her set for weekend two. From the epic visuals, slick remixes, and high energy, Grimes’ set turned out to be a blast. A critique: Grimes is an intimate experience, and this set felt far away even close-up.


One of the most solid sets of the entire weekend went to the Jack Antonoff fronted band, Bleachers. Repping New Jersey hard, the group brought the heat from start to finish, leaving it all out on the Mojave Tent. Designed like a recording studio, the Mojave Tent barely contained the energy Jack Antonoff and company were blasting. The Bruce Springsteen-inspired jams filled with twangy guitars, saxophone solos, and a flailing Jack Antonoff got everyone in the crowd moving.

Antonoff seems to play every show like its last with showing how grateful he is to play music for any audience who will listen. Even if one isn’t familiar with Bleachers’ music, their grand and flashy choruses make it easy to catch on from tracks like “Rollercoaster” and “How Dare You Want More.” They performed a handful of new tunes from the self-titled record including “Modern Girl” and “Tiny Moves,” and they ended the set with the explosive “Stop Making This Hurt.”

Jon Batiste

At the Outdoor Theatre, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, Jon Batiste fused jazz, soul, Afro-beats.  The most prominent influence is a Louisiana-Creole style that Batiste shared with listeners playing his hit single “Freedom.” The sopranos and tenors singing along with Batiste allow a spiritual experience similar to church. Batiste promoted a positive message of embracing individuality.

Jon Batiste performs at Coachella 2024.
Jon Batiste performs at Coachella 2024.

Playing any instrument he could get his hands on from the piano to melodica, Batiste impressed the crowd. The set consisted of lots of red which is a celebratory color in the deep south which is emblematic of Hoodoo roots. Lana Del Rey invited Batiste on stage on Friday to perform “Candy Necklaces” and there’s a similarity between the way both artists concluded sets by walking off stage and into the crowd. Batiste brought tons of colorful energy to the desert along with backup dancers and immensely talented musicians.

Blur’s final curtain

The English rock band fronted by Damon Albarn had a bit of an unusual set during weekend one. Albarn seemed to be a bit frustrated with the crowd when they weren’t singing along as it seemed like people were at their set to secure a spot for No Doubt and Tyler, the Creator playing after them. So with a lackluster crowd during the first weekend, all one could do was hope that the audience was a bit more lively for weekend two. And for the most part, the crowd was more present and lively than weekend one which Albarn appreciated and verbally shared his gratitude.

Although they might not have been the biggest pull for people attending this year’s Coachella as Gorillaz was last year, Blur still put on a solid performance playing hits like “Girls & Boys” and “Song 2.” With a career spanning almost 30 years, Blur still know how to put on a great show no matter what crowd they are performing for.

No Doubt break the risk assessment

Watching No Doubt’s performance, you could feel the health and safety co-ordinator sweating. Towards the end of their career-spanning setlist, as Gwen Stefani proved she still has pop-punk power, they played their mega-hit ‘I’m Just A Girl’. Naturally, the crowd went wild for the track. At one point, Stefani interrupted the track for a bit of crowd participation from the huge late-night audience. She directed the men in the crowd to sing, “I’m just a girl”. Then, when it came to hearing the girls sing it, she decided she wanted a better view.

As Stefani scaled the scaffolding on the side of the stage, the risk assessment of the event was on rocky territory. But luckily, there were no slips or falls. Instead, the crowd screamed their part and the set roared on as a success.

Ice Spice

On the other side of festival grounds, Ice Spice heated up the Sahara Tent with a quick set filled nonstop hits from “Bikini Bottom,” “In Ha Mood,” and the PinkPanthress single, “Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2.” Everyone in the crowd was having a ball watching Ice Spice absolutely slay.

On stage, Ice Spice did not miss a single lyric rapping while throwing it back and twerking up and down the stage. Even if this style of music isn’t your particular cup of tea, Ice Spice’s set was undeniably entertaining to watch.

Tyler, the Creator

The headlining set closing out Saturday night was from Tyler, the Creator. He put on an explosive performance with fire shooting out of the stage, special guest Earl Sweatshirt, and nonstop hits. The introduction video showed the silly side of Tyler dressed as a camp counselor giving a tour of his trailer. After the video finished, Tyler, attached to a wire, flew out of the trailer on stage as “Igor’s Theme” began to play. The stage design was reminiscent of Sedona, Arizona with red rocks and cacti in the background. It looked like Tyler was performing in front of a cartoon backdrop as he bounced around on stage for over an hour.

Weekend Two - Day 3 - Sunday, April 21, 2024

Ms. Lauryn Hill and the Fugees

YG Marley brought out Ms. Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean, Skip Marley and Busta Rhymes. The artists performed songs from the Fugees albums and other popular throwbacks. The set was vivacious. Wyclef Jean was very loud. Skip was charming. Ms. Lauryn Hill was soulful and legendary.

Taking Back Sunday

A rather nostalgic set for any emo millennials at Coachella, Taking Back Sunday came back Sunday for weekend two to play their pop-punk tunes on the Mojave stage. Bringing everyone back to the days of Warped Tour, MySpace, and skin-tight jeans — Taking Back Sunday had everyone in the palm of their hands with tracks like “Cute Without the ‘E’ (Cut From the Team)” and “You’re So Last Summer.”

Although lead singer Adam Lazzara strained his voice a bit trying to reach certain notes, he still brought plenty of energy swinging around the microphone and dancing around on stage. The rest of the band was fantastic playing every song flawlessly. The band ended with the iconic “MakeDamnSure” in an all out sing-along that was beautiful to experience live. 

Marc Rebillet 

On Sunday morning, the Coachella Instagram page announced a surprise DJ set at the Do Lab set by Loop Daddy himself, Marc Rebillet. Known for his absurd yet sensual, improvised live-stream sets, Marc returned to the desert to bring the Do Lab crowd a party they would never forget. Full of grooves, aggressive energy, and a barely clothed Marc, this set was a blast for anyone who was able to witness it. Similar to Energizer Bunny, Marc was bouncing up and down the entire time as he kept screaming “Do not lab! Under no circumstances, do not lab!” As every year passes, Marc seems to be becoming a Coachella staple from his wild main stage performance in 2023, to this rowdy Do Lab set.  


Supporting the recently released record A La Sala, Khruangbin performed an immaculate set with face scrunching grooves. The psychedelic trio had an entrancing set with plucky bass lines, shimmering guitars, and crispy drums. This was the perfect set to watch if one needed to rest their voice due to a good portion of their songs being instrumentals. The band had very few words and let the glamorous, funky music speak for itself. Out of the entire weekend, this was probably the most sonically balanced set, mix wise. “So We Won’t Forget” and “May Ninth” were particularly exceptional. 


Tems enchanted the audience with her Nigerian accent and electric voice. The crowd spilled out of the tent and people rushed to see her perform her viral song, “try me.” Tems has a very loving and chill vibe. Her Coachella performance was encouragement for the public to attend her live concerts. Tems knows how to make an audience feel at home. Her stage presence was confident in a candid-nonchalant way. 

Jhené Aiko

Jhené Aiko notably directed the audience to meditate during her set. The audience inhaled and exhaled for a few breaths. Aiko utilized singing bowls, a gong, and stage direction to establish a serene set. Aiko brought out Omarion, Big Sean, and her daughter which exhibited communal support and significance. Aiko, a pisces, portrayed her water sign symbol at the end of her set. 

Bebe Rexha

The pop powerhouse, Bebe Rexha put on an explosive performance at the main stage. As she arose from the elevated stage, the instrumentation of “Me, Myself, and I” by G-Eazy began to play. Out of the gates, Bebe put her vocal chops on full display with her very full and vibrant voice.

Her backing band heightened her straight-foward pop songs to the most potential with booming drums and headbanging guitars. There was a moment during her set where her outfit was restricting her from dancing, but she was able to power through without missing a single note. Some standout songs during the set include the Martin Garrix track “In the Name of Love” and “Bad Bitch.” 

Doja Cat headlines Day 3, Weekend 2 of Coachella 2024

Doja Cat had a group of men dressed in white singing in Xhosa, a South African native dialect. During her “Demons” performance, the background singers wore long-threaded full-body attire. The dancers’ outfits share similarities with the Kumpo dance, which is a ceremonial dance intended for protection from hostile forces. 

Overall, Doja Cat was energetic and embodied dark femininity. The setlist consisted of songs from her latest album, Scarlet. Most of the crowd was unfamiliar with every song, which may have contributed to droves of concertgoers leaving thirty minutes into her nearly one-and-a-half-hour set. Doja Cat demanded the crowd’s attention. She stated, “Give me attention.” Her confidence qualified the sexiness of her show. It was comfortable to watch because she was telling us to watch. The audience became voyeurs. 

The production was on point with sound, lighting, and special effects. The transitions could’ve been smoother when she walked off, but that was likely to build tension with the viewer. Her set director needed to diversify Doja’s viral songs. 


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